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“How can I get cheap flights?”

This is the most commonly asked question I receive from people who are looking to travel more often. Finding the cheapest flights takes a lot of trial and error, research, and can sometimes feel daunting. No worries, though! I’ve done all of the research for you!

Step 1: Flexibility is key

The best way to get a cheap flight is to be FLEXIBLE. If you’re flexible with times, dates, and locations you will increase your chances of finding cheaper flights.

Step 2: Plan ahead

If you’re able to plan a trip ahead of time, the best time to purchase your ticket is 54 days before your departure – this is when airlines provide their absolute lowest airfare. However, if you’re unable to hit that 54 day mark right on the nose, the prime booking window is anywhere between 112 to 21 days before your trip. Anything outside of that window, you’re likely to see increased pricing.

When it comes to choosing what days to travel, it’s best to avoid flying on the weekends because that’s when everyone is typically off. You can find awesome deals departing during the weekdays. It is also important to keep in mind the current travel season. Try your best to avoid traveling during the holidays as this is when airlines charge the most for their fares.

Step 3: Use comparison engines

I also recommend utilizing airline comparison engines to find the cheapest flights. Most travel bloggers use KAYAK, MOMONDO, HOPPER, SKYSCANNER, and AIRFARE WATCHDOG. Once you find a good deal on these search engines, go to the airline’s website and see if they’re offering the same price or better booking directly through them. If you have enough time, set up price alerts! The website will save your route and notify you if the prices are dropping and will advise the best time to purchase your ticket.

Step 4: Earn points for travel

Another thing to look into is signing up for an airline credit card that has a point system. Most of these credit cards have awesome signing bonuses that might include an automatic free flight! Put your major purchases on this card such as groceries, gas, utilities, etc. that way you can rack up points pretty easily. Be sure to pay the card off in full every month! Don’t leave a balance and don’t accumulate interest otherwise you’d be negating the points you’re earning.

Disclaimer: use caution when signing up for an airline credit card. Know your spending habits and avoid getting into debt.


Happy booking, travelers!

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