Coventurers | Ballin’ on a Budget: Grand Cayman
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Ballin’ on a Budget: Grand Cayman

One way to save tons of money while traveling is to travel in a big group. We went to Grand Cayman with our closest friends and made it a family trip! When you have a big group, look into AirBnB and HomeAway for great deals on big luxury homes. It’s so much more cost efficient to do so. We nearly cut our lodging expenses in half compared to staying at a resort.

What I also liked is that we were able to go grocery shopping and cook our own meals as well. We planned our meals accordingly and ended up saving a ton on our food expenses. This helped us stay within our travel budget especially since the Caymanian dollar is worth more than our US dollar.

We were blessed to stay in a seven bedroom luxury villa most appropriately named “House on the Rocks” which overlooked the ocean. The beaches in Grand Cayman are amazing – crystal clear blue waters and white sandy beaches. Every single room in this home had breathtaking views – we didn’t even have to fight over where we wanted to sleep (LOL).

Although the purpose of this trip was to relax and prepare to head back to work after my maternity leave, I still wanted to be my adventurous self! I LOVE excursions! Keep in mind that bigger groups means more business, which results in bigger discounts for you! Negotiate your prices on excursions. We got an unbelievable deal on a boat tour that took us to Stingray City and Starfish Island. We snorkeled, pet some stingrays and held starfish.

This was by far one of my favorite beach getaways!

What will be the next stamp on your passport?

The view from the master bedroom!

Our view from the master bedroom!

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