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People & Local Places / 14.03.2017

When it comes to traveling, the United States has so much to offer. Our country is so diverse in climate, terrain, and culture. You can explore mega-cities, mountains, beaches, deserts and forests all within domestic borders.  Here are our top 10 cities to travel to within the U.S. 1. New York City - The city that never sleeps! There is so much diversity in the Big Apple and even more to do. You can visit endless museums, see a Broadway show, or spend all night shopping and eating in...

People & Local Places / 26.02.2017

We're based in Central Florida and we love exploring our backyard. Every now and then we take the opportunity to venture off and see the beauty our own state has to offer with "staycations." Here are a few hidden gems in the area that you probably don't know about! 5. Florida Caverns State Park - This is the only park in Florida that allows public access to these magnificent open-air caverns. You also have the opportunity to go camping, canoeing, and kayaking. This would be the perfect little getaway...