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Passports / 13.04.2017

"How can I get cheap flights?" This is the most commonly asked question I receive from people who are looking to travel more often. Finding the cheapest flights takes a lot of trial and error, research, and can sometimes feel daunting. No worries, though! I've done all of the research for you! Step 1: Flexibility is key The best way to get a cheap flight is to be FLEXIBLE. If you're flexible with times, dates, and locations you will increase your chances of finding cheaper flights. Step 2: Plan ahead If you're able...

Passports / 15.03.2017

We recently spent the weekend in Cuba and it was the most amazing little getaway. Cuba is a beautiful country that definitely needs to be seen and explored. Here a few tips before planning your trip. 1. Know your exception - You can legally travel to Cuba under 12 exceptions regulated by the U.S. Treasury Department. There is no license required if your travel falls under one of these exceptions. We were able to travel to Cuba under an “educational - people to people experience.” A passport and a...